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Russia Ministry of Energy: Anastasia Bondarenko: “In the electric power industry of Russia, 36% of women are one of the best indicators in the world”


Anastasia Bondarenko presented the results of an all-Russian study of the structure of female employment in the power industry and existing measures to support female labor and motherhood, carried out with the support of the Russian Ministry of Energy and the Rosseti Group.

“According to the research, the level of representation of women in the power industry in Russia is 36%. This is one of the best indicators in the world, while the share of women in management accounts for 21% “, – said the State Secretary – Deputy Minister at the V International Forum” Women in Energy “within the framework of the 48th Session of the International Council on Large High Voltage Energy Systems (CIGRE).

Anastasia Bondarenko recalled that engineering education became available to women in Russia back in 1906 and since then has been systematically supported and developed. According to her, social support for female labor remains historically developed in the country.

“In general, we can speak of Russia as a holder of the best practices in the field of supporting women in the electric power industry, but activities in this direction must be continued taking into account the National Development Goals of Russia and in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals,” she added.

In particular, Anastasia Bondarenko noted that the collection and analysis of statistical information should be continued, the best practices should be monitored and implemented to ensure a comfortable balance of the “family” and “professional” components in the life of women, and the interaction of existing women’s communities should be ensured.

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