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Russia Ministry of Energy: Nikolay Shulginov inspected the progress of modernization of Krasnoyarsk CHPP-1


Nikolay Shulginov visited the Krasnoyarsk CHPP-1 of the Siberian Generating Company (SGK) during a working trip to the Siberian Federal District.

The head of the Russian Ministry of Energy inspected the complex of facilities at Krasnoyarsk CHPP-1 and inspected the progress of work being carried out as part of the program for the modernization of thermal power plants (DPM-2).

The modernization of the station will result in a 25% reduction in total emissions, a decrease in ground-level concentrations of pollutants, and an increase in the efficiency of boilers. The volume of investments in the modernization of Krasnoyarsk CHPP-1 in 2019-2024 amounts to 13.4 billion rubles.

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