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Russia Ministry of Energy: Nikolay Shulginov took part in the first meeting of the energy ministers of the SCO member states


Nikolay Shulginov spoke at the first meeting of the energy ministers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states via videoconference.

The heads of the delegations exchanged views on a wide range of issues and supported the initiative of the Republic of Tajikistan to create a new mechanism of interaction within the SCO – the Meeting of Energy Ministers. The ministers approved the Concept of Cooperation of the SCO Member States in the Energy Sector and noted the need to develop an action plan for its practical implementation.

“The concept of cooperation of the SCO member states in the energy sector, along with the SCO Energy Club, will become a solid basis for establishing a dialogue between the SCO member states to discuss the current state of interaction in the energy sector, as well as identify promising areas of practical cooperation,” Nikolai Shulginov noted during meetings.

The parties agreed to create a permanent Working Group of the SCO member states on cooperation in the energy sector and consider the possibility of holding the first meeting of the Working Group by the end of this year in the format of a video conference. Following the meeting, a protocol was signed.

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