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Salasar steps up in CSR; contributes to environmental sustainability

Salasar has announced the building of solar power infrastructure in the country, using a 550KW solar power plant to run parts of its facilities and sponsoring the construction of a solar power plant at Lion’s Eye hospital in Ghaziabad


New Delhi : Salasar Techno Engineering – one of the largest steel fabrication and infrastructure companies in India has announced its strategic contribution to environmental sustainability by building infrastructure for solar power plants in the country. The announcement comes after the meeting of the company’s senior officials on the occasion of Renewable Energy Day on 20 August.

Clean energy is vital for India’s sustainable development. Climate change and global warming are some of the biggest deep-rooted problems in the country that need contribution from every significant authority. To alleviate this issue, Salasar endeavours to build sustainability by taking multiple steps to ensure its commitment to building a greener and cleanest environment.

To promote clean energy, the company has announced the use of a 550KW solar power plant to run parts of its facilities. The strategic step will help the company in reducing the release of harmful carbon emissions and building a safer environment for the surrounding humankind, animals and plants.

In addition, Salasar has announced its big investment of 22 Lac. INR is sponsoring the construction of a solar power plant at Lion’s Eye hospital based in Ghaziabad (UP). As part of the project, the hospital will have a rooftop solar structure of 50 KW capacity which will help the hospital in producing clean energy and meeting its electricity demand during peak hours.

Commenting on the company’s CSR plans, Mr. Shashank Agarwal, M.D at Salasar Techno Engineering said, “We, as a leader in infrastructure, envision to contribute in building a safe and clean infrastructure in the country. Our decision to invest in corporate social responsibility projects syncs with the country’s need to run the economy on green sources. This strategic move will have a positive consequence on the environment as well as economic activities of the country.Also, this endeavour is a big step reducing Salasar’s carbon footprint”

Apart from Solar Power projects, Salasar has also invested in several other CSR projects including building Anchal Nyas (an orphanage and a school) and sponsored education for kids from waste picking communities. It has also contributed to building a brighter future for women suffering from domestic violence by providing them mental health services and legal aid. Moreover, the company has provided financial aid to city hospitals in the construction of an eye clinic.


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