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Tata Power: Tata Power celebrates India’s E-Mobility revolution in the 75th year of Independence; Incentivizes usage of EV charging points for 75 hours across India


Tata Power, one of India’s largest EV charging infrastructure providers, will be celebrating the 75th year of Independence by promoting the widespread usage of EV charging solutions across the country. The company is providing incentives to EV owners by offering a 15 percent discount on its select public EZ charging points, starting midnight of August 13th, 2022 for a duration of 75 hours. The offer will also spill into the 76th year of Independence and will provide a unique opportunity to EV users to charge their vehicles at a discounted rate on the Independence Day, 15th August.

This unique offering is in alignment with Tata Power’s belief that ‘Sustainable is Attainable’ and propagation of use of green and clean energy in the country can make sustainable mobility a way of life for millions of Indians through its green solutions and offerings in the EV charging space.

The EV users could easily locate the public charging points which are offering discount through Tata Power’s EZ charge mobile app.

Speaking about the unique offerings, Tata Power spokesperson said: “Tata Power is celebrating India’s 75th year of independence by promoting clean energy solutions and offerings to the nation. In light of this, we have launched an initiative to promote the adoption of e-mobility by providing incentivized EV charging opportunity across the country. We appeal to all vehicle owners to break free from the shackles of polluting, conventional vehicular fuels like petrol and diesel and embrace the green mobility solutions.”

Tata Power is one of India’s largest EV charging solutions providers, with over 2,350 public EV chargers in nearly 300 cities. The charging infrastructure is a mix of public charging, captive charging, home charging, workplace charging, and ultra-rapid chargers up to 240 kW for buses. The points are available across all standards and are compatible with all-electric cars. Tata Power has also set up over 200 electric bus charging points installed across India.

The offer is available on majority of Tata Power’s public charging points. Below are the ways to locate the EV chargers offering discounts.

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