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Indonesia Energy Ministry: Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Holds Electricity Alert Command Post During Emergency PPKM


The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) through the Directorate General of Electricity held a Covid Emergency Alert Post for the Electricity sub-sector during the Emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) period. The Command Post will be held from 7-30 July 2021. The Command Post, which is held online together with the PT PLN (Persero) Team, is tasked with monitoring and reporting on electricity conditions and the reliability of supplying vital objects to support health services, such as the oxygen producer industry, Covid-19 referral hospitals and supporting facilities. other.

Secretary of the Directorate General of Electricity Munir Ahmad, in Jakarta, Wednesday (21/7) said that the priority for Covid emergency alerts was to ensure electricity conditions in several locations such as large hospitals, oxygen-producing factories, presidential and vice presidential palaces, referral hospitals, vital objects. National, Indonesian Red Cross, and Regional Police Offices.

“In addition to monitoring the condition of national electricity, the Command Post Team also monitors special incidents of blackouts caused by technical disturbances in electricity installations or caused by extreme weather conditions, thus disturbing the comfort of the community during this Emergency PPKM,” said Munir.

Safe Power Supply During Emergency PPKM

During the two weeks of the implementation of this post, in general the condition of the electricity supply was reported to be in a safe condition. In the data for the reporting period Tuesday (20/7), for example, the overall Supply Capacity was reported at 41,852.35 MW and the Peak Load at 34,242.10 MW, so that the overall Power Reserve Capacity was 7,610.25 MW, or 22.22%. On the same day, it was also reported that the electricity supply at 745 COVID Referral Hospitals and 29 Oxygen Producers in the Java-Bali region were all in normal and safe conditions.

According to Munir, the Covid Alert Command Post for the Electricity Sub-sector had reported several special incidents that caused blackouts in a number of areas, but these were immediately handled properly. As on July 11, 2021, it was reported that there was a blackout in Sorong due to a failure at the Sorong Substation (GI) but it was successfully resolved in the evening.

On the same day, a blackout was reported in Pontianak due to a disturbance at the power plant at 20.25 WIB but was successfully restored at 22.29 WIB. The disruption of the two systems does not interfere with the electricity supply to COVID-19 handling installations such as referral hospitals and oxygen-producing factories in the area.

Electrical disturbances in other areas were also reported on July 17, 2021. There were power cuts in several areas of North Sulawesi due to extreme weather which caused trees to fall on the Medium Voltage Air Line (SUTM), insulators and conductors causing 1,515 distribution substations to be repaired. PLN officers quickly handled the disturbance so that at 15.00 WITA the electricity normalization was 100%.

“Some special incidents have been reported, but these can be resolved immediately, friends in the field,” said Munir.

While on duty at the Standby Command Post, officers make reports on national electricity conditions, especially priority locations for reference. Daily reports are submitted to the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources through the Director General of Electricity.

“So, if there is a supply shortage or electricity disruption, the local field officers can immediately anticipate it so that it does not interfere with activities during this Emergency PPKM,” said Munir.

In accordance with the procedure for the emergency post, PLN is asked to be able to quickly anticipate if there is a disturbance in the electrical system. The public can take advantage of various electricity consumer complaint channels that have been prepared by PLN and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to report if there is an electrical disturbance during this Emergency PPKM period. (U/KO)

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