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PDVSA: Minister El Aissami: The Fire At Rplc Does Not Compromise The Operations At The Refinery Or The Production Of Gasoline


The Minister of the Popular Power of Petroleum, Tareck El Aissami, made a telephone contact through the Venezolana de Televisión channel to inform the Venezuelan population that the fire that occurred in the afternoon of this Monday was caused by an atmospheric phenomenon. , when lightning struck the oxidation and water treatment lagoon of the Puerto La Cruz Refinery.

During his statements, the minister of the oil area assured that this event does not affect the operations of the refinery or the production of gasoline, so that citizens can trust in the normal supply of fuel. “None of the facilities, tanks, or plants of the refinery itself have been compromised,” he stressed.

Minister El Aissami explained that the Refinery’s insurance and protection teams were immediately activated on the fire and the services of the fire departments of the Anzoátegui State Government, the Orinoco Oil Belt, PDVSA Gas were deployed. and of the other facilities that make life in the region.

He also indicated that no victims have been reported due to the incident and as part of the security protocol, the operational areas were evacuated while the actions to fight the fire are carried out.

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