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Pertamina: Excellent Performance at the Beginning of the Year, WK Rokan Drilled 31 Wells and Operated the 19th Most Rig in Indonesia


PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan (PHR) is committed to support the national production level through a massive and aggressive work plan. In 2022, PHR successfully drilled 31 new wells. It means that PHR can drill an average of one well per day. Through various breakthroughs, the efficiency of well construction time has also increased. It follows Pertamina’s spirit to increase productivity efficiently.

On Saturday (29/11) at around 20:00 WIB, PHR began operating an additional drilling rig in the Rokan Working Area (WK), precisely in the Farmers Field area, Bengkalis Regency. The total number of drilling rigs operating in WK Rokan is 19 rigs and is currently the largest in Indonesia.

This year, PHR plans to drill 400-500 new wells, with an annual average production target of around 180 thousand barrels of oil per day (BOPD). To support these efforts, PHR will operate at least 20 drilling rigs.

“Through the massive and aggressive activity, our top priority is safety. Every worker comes to work in a healthy condition and must also go home in a safe condition without missing anything,” said the President Director of PHR, Jaffee A. Suardin. Every worker within Pertamina is given the right to stop working if he sees an unsafe situation. “That is called the Stop Work Authority. Production is important, but safety is much more important,” he said.

During the management transfer of WK Rokan from the previous operator on August 9, 2021, PHR only operated nine drilling rigs. In just five months, PHR increased the number of drilling rigs to 18. This massive and aggressive work plan succeeded in increasing the production of the second-largest oil and gas WK in the country, by drilling more than 130 new wells last year.

Not only drilling new wells, but PHR also optimizes the production of WK Rokan by maintaining base production performance. Of the current 29 workover rigs or rework rigs operated, the plan is to add up to 36 rework rigs. The oil and gas production level of WK located in Riau is essential in supporting national energy security. WK Rokan contributes almost 25% of the national oil production.

Efforts to achieve production targets must be supported by supply goods and services, land preparation, and support from relevant stakeholders, both the local government and the community. In addition, from a technical operational perspective, PHR WK Rokan strives to maintain the reliability of operating facilities and equipment, increase the capacity of production facilities to adapt to increased production, explore new technologies and develop non-conventional oil and gas to optimize production.

PHR operations provide multiplier effects such as job and business opportunities for local entrepreneurs that can improve local community welfare. Increasing the intensity of upstream oil and gas activities in the Rokan WK will increase the economic activity and the investment value in Riau.

Not only from the performance of oil and gas production, but PHR also provides benefits and improves the community’s welfare through its Social and Environmental Responsibility (TJSL) programs.

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