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Pertamina: Supported by Pertamina’s Bright Gas, the Ministry of Social Affairs’ Public Kitchen Prepared 4,000 Portions of Food for Cianjur Earthquake Victims


PT Pertamina continues to distribute aid to earthquake victims in Cianjur Regency, West Java. Pertamina is distributing Bright Gas (LPG) for the Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos)’s Command Post public kitchens providing 4,000 servings of food per day.

Pertamina distributed 10 LPG Bright Gas 12 Kg for two days to the Ministry of Social Affairs Post’s public kitchen at Jagaraksa Field, Jambudipa Village, Warungkondang District, Cianjur Regency, West Java. The assistance is to support the processing and provision of food in public kitchens.

“To support the need for ready-to-eat food in public kitchens used for disaster management teams and refugees, Pertamina distributed 12 Kg Bright Gas LPG for cooking activities,” said Acting VP Corporate Communication Pertamina, Heppy Wulansari on Sunday (27/11/2022).

This assistance received appreciation from the Head of the Temanggung Kartini Center, the Ministry of Social Affairs, as well as the Head of the Public Kitchen at the Ministry of Social Affairs, Rachmat Koesnadi. He expressed his gratitude for the assistance provided by Pertamina and hoped that this assistance would continue until the post was considered complete.

“We hope that Pertamina can support more LPG for public kitchens. Because the cooks here usually panic when the LPG runs low, they do not feel comfortable cooking. So, if there is ample stock, the cook will also cook deliciously and feel comfortable and calm that gas would run out soon,” said Rachmat.

Rachmat said that ten 12 kg LPG could be used within two days. Pertamina is committed to continuing to supply LPG Bright Gas for the needs of these public kitchens.

“In a day, we can make 4,000 portions of food. Tomorrow we will increase it again to 5,000 portions per day. We will cook two times, for the morning and evening,” he said.

Rachmat added that 4,000 portions of food were not only distributed to residents at the Ministry of Social Affairs post but also distributed to several evacuation points in the surrounding area. “800 portions are distributed to refugees at this post, while the remaining 3,200 portions were sent to evacuation points in the surrounding areas,” he said.

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